Weekly Writing Challenge: In An Instagram

Just as we can suspend a moment in time by snapping a photograph, an instant can change our lives forever. For this week’s writing challenge: tell us about a moment when your life was changed in a split second. The good, the bad, the funny, and the thought-provoking, our lives are composed of a series of meaningful events that help to shape who we are. Every now and then, we get a wake-up call where a snap decision or revelation changes our perspective completely.

This week’s writing challenge perfectly fits the main reason I have a blog…to talk about the instants that have changed my life.  I’ve posted about it before but the more I talk about it, the more it helps…so if you’re tired of reading about it just hit the handy dandy little “back” button on your browser.

Life is full of “instants” of time.  That’s all that life is.  Most just pass by unnoticed and don’t get remembered from day to day.  It’s only when something good, great, funny, sad, or traumatic happens that the “instants” stick out in our mind.  I’ve had a few “instants” in my life that have made question why things happen the way they do…I was in high school at band practice one night and got the news that my now-husband was in a bad motorcycle wreck.  I remember where I was standing when I heard and I remember seeing him in ICU hooked up to all those tubes.  I remember lying in a hospital bed two days after having my first child and a nurse waking me up to tell me that they had to take my daughter into the NICU because she was breathing too fast (she ended up having pneumonia and was in the hospital for 2 1/2 weeks).  I remember lying on a table in the ultrasound room and the nurse telling me, “I’m sorry but I don’t see a heartbeat”.  I remember sitting on a bed in the emergency room, holding onto my 11-day old youngest daughter for dear life after being told that she had bacterial meningitis and they didn’t know how things were going to turn out for her.

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And then there is the “instant” that has been stuck in the front of my mind for years and years, the one that changed my life in a split second, the one that has changed me.  The instant where I witnessed a life being taken, the instant where a man lost his girlfriend, the instant where a family lost their mother/sister/daughter/friend.  The instant where you hear a man talking to the woman he loves, assuring her that everything is going to be okay, but you know that she will never respond back to him.  I was just days over the age of 18 in that instant of time.  For the past 13 years I have let that instant define me.  But not anymore!  I’m finally learning how to process these memories and “file” them away in my brain, so they’re not always in the front taking over everything.  Just like things can happen for the worse in an instant, they can also change for the better :)

A photo posted by @ashmae32981 on

A photo posted by @ashmae32981 on

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