Labor Day at the beach

This past weekend we went to the beach for Labor Day.  Michael was actually able to come this time (usually he has to stay back home because he always has to work).  We left Friday night in hopes that Cayden would sleep most of the time because she really hates riding in her carseat.  The plan worked – she fell asleep around 8:15 and slept the whole way there.

Saturday we played at the pool, hung out around the house, and grilled out for dinner.  Mackenzie wasn’t feeling well and started running a fever, but other than that she was feeling okay.  We (Michael, my brother, my dad, and I) went to the driving range and then went back to the house.  We also got a picture of the funny face that Cayden has learned to make recently!

Cayden in the pool 9-3-11
Cayden's silly face
Michael rode the bike to the store!











Sunday we went out to the beach.  I put Cayden’s feet in the ocean for the first time 🙂  She loved it!  She loves bathtime so I knew she’d love the ocean.  Later we went shopping so Mackenzie could spend some of her birthday gift cards.

Cayden's first time in the ocean. She loved it!


Then we took some family pictures on the beach.  Here are some of the best ones (and some funny ones at the end).

The girls
The boys
Our family
Our family
Michael and I
Michael and I
I looked down at Cayden and she was trying to put her hand down my shirt!
Mackenzie was saying something stinks, I was saying something to her, and Michael is looking at me like I'm an idiot!

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