The cyst is back again

It feels like all we do lately is go to doctor appointments.  Today I had an appointment with a new orthopedic doctor for a (ganglion) cyst I have on my wrist.  I first noticed it when I was pregnant with Ethan and had it surgically removed 2 months after he was born.  It was huge and I really hated the way it looked.  It was also pressing on a nerve and just made my hand ache all the time.  After 2 years, it came back again.  I had surgery again.  In 2007 it came back again and I had surgery again.  My doctor said he has never had a patient had a cyst to come back that many times…I guess that means I’m special.  After the 3rd surgery the cyst still came back and I just told the doctor to aspirate it (suck out the stuff in the cyst with a needle syringe).  They have done this about 4 times since then.  In May after having Cayden they aspirated it again and within weeks it was back.  Here is a picture of it now.

The cyst

The doctor today said that people who have these cysts recur most likely have something wrong with the ligament in the wrist.  He moved both of my wrists around and said that they both felt “strange”.  I don’t know what that means, but it didn’t sound normal!  He took 2 different kinds of x-rays and wants me to get an MRI so he can see the ligaments.  So they’re going to call me to schedule that and then we’ll see what’s going on.  I told him I wanted it taken out because when they drain it, it just comes back weeks later.  If there is something wrong with the ligament then he said he would have to do the “big” surgery, whatever that means.  It doesn’t sound fun, especially when the recovery from the minor surgeries I had before were pretty painful.

Our family sure is getting our money’s worth from health insurance this year!

2 thoughts on “The cyst is back again

  1. Prayers sent up for you..I had a Ganglion Cyst about 5 years ago and was almost to the point of surgery and my Gramma said to have a book slammed on it which I did and it went never came back. As a nurse I am not familiar with anyone having it to come abck after surgery especially more than once. Hope they get to the bottom of this.

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