Wrist surgery tomorrow…

Tomorrow I’m having surgery on my wrist for this stupid cyst.  I had an MRI done on my wrist on September 26th to check and see if there is a problem with a ligament that’s causing this cyst to keep coming back.  First they injected a dye into the joint of my wrist so they could see if the fluid leaked out.  They took x-ray pictures while they were doing it.  Then I had the MRI done.

On 10/5/11 I had an appointment with the doctor to get the results from that MRI.  He said that everything that he could see was normal.  So he gave me two choices – he can take out the cyst again or he could do the more major surgery.  He explained that the more major surgery would involve him taking tissue from another part of my wrist, placing it over the joint where the cyst keeps coming back and then putting pins in the bone on either side of the wrist.  He said I would be in a cast for for 6-8 weeks after that.  We decided to just remove the cyst for now and if it comes back again, that we would do the other surgery.  He said that if he finds anything in the joint while he is in there, that he would go ahead and do the other surgery.  I’m just tired of it coming back and am ready for it to be gone.

I’ll update later!

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