I haven’t posted in about a month so I thought I’d write about something.  December is always crazy – trying to finish shopping, making food, making gifts, cleaning…and now with a baby around it’s been even more crazy.  The last part of this year has flown by and I just wasn’t prepared for Christmas this year.  I always dread winter season because of the kids getting sick, and this month was definitely no exception.

The last day of school for the kids before their break (just an hour after he got to school), I got a call from the school nurse saying that Ethan had thrown up in class and didn’t feel well.  My stomach just drops because I hate being sick, but I despise throwing up.  I picked him up and he was running around and seemed fine.  So we went out that day to try to finish some shopping.  I was on the way to the mall when Cayden started getting hungry.  I fixed a bottle and didn’t realize that the bottom part of the bottle wasn’t put together right.  So all the formula just falls through on my lap.  No mall for us.  Ethan said he was hungry so we stopped to get something to eat and after the first bite he threw up in the car (thank goodness I had a plastic bag).  So we are both a mess and just go home.  He seemed to be acting fine but got sick every so often.  That night he woke up and threw up all in the bathroom floor, completely missing the toilet.  Yuck.  He is fine by morning.  The next day Cayden gets it and thankfully she only threw up a handful of times and didn’t seem to feel bad.  Again, fine the next morning.  On the Thursday before Christmas Michael gets it, and then Friday Mackenzie gets it.  Poor Mackenzie…she was just pitiful.  By this time I was spraying Lysol everywhere, wiping everything down with Clorox, and being so paranoid about getting sick.  We missed one of our Christmas functions on Friday night, but by Christmas Eve morning she was feeling better.  I thought it would be just my luck to get sick on Christmas Eve and then miss Christmas Eve and Christmas morning festivities.  But thankfully, I was fine…until this morning.  And it sucks big time….especially with 3 kids at home and a husband at work.

So I should be thankful that it skipped the most important days before attacking me.  We had an awesome Christmas and the kids got lots and lots of toys.  It was Cayden’s first Christmas and she just sat and watched while I opened her gifts.  She does love all her new toys though.

Santa's Little Helper 12-24-11
The Family 12-24-11

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