Photo of the day: #1 “Tattoo”

I’ve been reading lots of different blogs lately, trying to explore the whole blogging “world” a little more and I found where there are these “Post-A-Day” challenges and “Weekly Photo Challenges” and I was really intrigued.  I want to write more but I have no great ideas to write about.  I found something called “Project 365” where people post about anything, they just do it every day for a year.  I decided to start with something simple – a photo a day for a year (yes, I know that this year technically has 366 days).

I love taking pictures and I love music.  So I thought about doing a post every day that combines photos and music, but I figured I would run out of ideas quickly if I had to take a picture a day that had something to do with music.  I could do it, but it would be pretty boring – I don’t get out much!  I only have 2 more hours to post until the day is over, but I actually do a have a music-themed picture that I can take…a tattoo on my foot.


I got this tattoo in October 2008.  It was my first tattoo and I really don’t remember what made me want to get one in the first place.  I do remember thinking about it for a while and trying to think of something unique and something that meant a lot to me.  I love music so I wanted to get a tattoo that had something to do with that.  Then I wanted it to have something to do with my husband.  So I looked up a line of music to our song (Nobody Knows by Tony Rich Project) and gave my ideas of how I wanted it drawn to the tattoo artist.  45 minutes later I had my tattoo!  It wasn’t particularly fun getting it, but it wasn’t too bad.  And I still love it to this day.

Hopefully this “photo of the day” thing will make me get more creative about my picture-taking and allow me to write about it at the same time.  I think it will be pretty interesting!


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