Photo of the day: #3 “Rear-view mirror”

I was on the way back home from the grocery store for an emergency diaper rash ointment run today when I looked in the rear-view mirror and thought I should take a picture of the kids.  I was going to take a picture of the diaper rash ointment tube (I know, it’s corny) because it’s been a necessity for the past two days with Cayden.  Poor baby.  None of my kids have ever had diaper rash this bad.  Anyway, I held my phone up while driving (I know I shouldn’t have) and just snapped a picture without really looking.  They are just as cramped as they look!

Photo #3

3 thoughts on “Photo of the day: #3 “Rear-view mirror”

  1. Very Creative photo, while driving of the kids…why I never did that I have no idea. Now my baby is 17! They grow fast so taking every photo is so valuable. I have my daughters photo from Christmas each year in a frame for each year and dated…from 1-13 and she will have those ornaments for her tree one day… I have them boxed up already…hee hee… she will value those…maybe I should of done one of ME too…but as a single mom it was hard – I just took her photo’s. Maybe a nice idea for you to think about? ~Jackie

  2. It’s a great picture, really – it has us feel where you were exactly – Cramped as they looked, hey 🙂 I actually love photos involving mirrors.

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