Photo(s) of the day: #7 “Nature”

Since the weather was gorgeous today (in the 60s), and I needed to get some exercise, and I needed to get a photo :), I decided I would take the kids to the walking trail near our house.  I had a carrier for Cayden to ride in on my back that I used when Mackenzie was little, so I dug it out of her closet.  Carrying her in that thing was more of a workout than I bargained for!  My neck and back will definitely be sore tomorrow.  She really enjoyed it, though.

First, here is a video of Cayden on my back while I’m “trying” to jog!

Cayden and I
Testing out a setting on my camera...
Playing with the camera some more...

3 thoughts on “Photo(s) of the day: #7 “Nature”

  1. I love the combination of two last pictures together. There is a softness to it. Especially in the frail pinkish lighting. Lovely

    🙂 K.

  2. You had to really love the time you spent today with family and the kids. My kid is 17 a girl! High Schooler… almost finished this year…long story but divorced 16 years and she lives in the town where I raised her as I had to move for a new job. Thanks for posting these.

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