Photo of the day: #10 “Mammaw”

The blog had a post today about “Writing Honestly”.  They usually have tips and ideas of things to write about (and is where I got the idea for the photo-a-day).  Today’s post was about just simply writing about a childhood memory as you remember it and not worrying what you are writing or over-thinking it.  So I thought I’d incorporate a photo with one of my memories (it’s an older photo):


This was one of my great-grandmothers, “Mammaw”.  She would watch my brother and I during the day while my parents were at work (I don’t remember how old we were).  We would sit in her living room on the couch while she would sit in her recliner.  “The Price is Right” was something that we would always watch, and she would always watch her soap operas.  She seemed to always be chewing bubble gum and would always give us some every time we went to her house, it seemed.  It was always the good stuff – Bubble Yum!  She would sometimes take out her teeth and we would laugh when she made funny faces with her lips.  She taught me how to play Yahtzee and we played that a lot.  I remember she had a closet that seemed to be packed full of junk but it had different kinds of toys in there.  I just remember playing with some kind of barbie doll a lot.  She had a bird (or maybe more than one) that stayed in a cage on her back porch – I remember talking to it a lot…I can’t remember the name of that bird.  The book she is holding in the picture was a book about farts!  She would let one go anywhere and not care!  I can still hear her laugh.  I remember she used to give really strong hugs, just like my grandfather (one of her sons) still does.  She passed away in 2004 while I was pregnant with my son.  A few years ago I remember having a dream that was so, so real (maybe it wasn’t even a dream) where I was laying in my bed and I could see her standing at the end of the bed.  Then she was right over me giving me a big hug.  I woke up crying with tears running down my face because it felt so real.  It’s those kinds of things that let me know that those that have passed never leave you.


7 thoughts on “Photo of the day: #10 “Mammaw”

  1. Oh my gracious!!! Yes….what wonderful memories!!! If someone walked into my office right now they would be wondering why I’m crying. Thank you Mae for sharing your post and the picture!!! Lots of Love!!!

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