Photo of the day: #17 “Rain”

Photo #17

I think I’m going to have some pretty interesting stories to go with some of these photos by the time this photo challenge is done.  Tonight we had a thunderstorm and I love when it rains.  I thought it would be cool to try to get some pictures of rain drops or rain in the street.  You know, those cool pictures where the water drop is dropping in water and it’s like the picture caught it in slow motion?  Well, mine didn’t turn out like that.  At first I stood on our covered front porch but couldn’t really get a good picture.  So then I try to find the umbrella so I can walk out in the rain, but it’s not in the house.  It’s outside in the back of my husband’s car.  I run out in the rain and open the back of his car.  Big mistake.  I should’ve known that crap is always piled back there.  I slowly opened the back door to his car (like that really helped anyway) and everything just falls out into the driveway…stroller, trash, paper towel rolls, blankets, hats, sweatshirts, toolboxes, flashlights, etc.  I can feel my blood pressure go through the roof and I just start cussing at the car like the dad in “A Christmas Story” cussed at the furnace in the basement.  I throw everything back in the car and finally get the umbrella I was looking for.  I’m soaking wet by this point, but at least my camera will be dry, right?  It was pretty dark outside, so not many of the pictures turned out.  I did get a few of the windshield of the car that I thought looked pretty cool with the water on it (that’s what this photo is of).


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