Photo of the day: #18 “Pin Cushion”

Photo #18

I moved all my sewing stuff downstairs tonight so that I can sew downstairs while Cayden is playing instead of taking her upstairs where there are no toys and nothing is baby-proofed.  I love moving stuff around…furniture, tables, anything.  I guess I like to change up things all the time; I don’t know why.  I was busy sewing and was running out of time to take my picture so I got my camera and took a picture of my pin cushion.  It’s nothing special, but some of the tops of pins look like they are just floating in the air, which looks kind of cool.  I’m obsessed with the macro setting on my camera (in case you haven’t noticed a pattern), which is why a lot of my pictures have been close-ups!


3 thoughts on “Photo of the day: #18 “Pin Cushion”

  1. I like this picture a lot, what a cool setting. It seems fitting too as sewing seems to be a big part of your life. You’re right the pin heads do seem to be floating.

    Oh, I’m sorry, I should introduce myself…I’m Patrice, you stopped in to my blog and I wanted to thank you. I’ve been a little busy (not with three kids, just one nearly 16yo who is enough for me) but I like to stop by and thank people for following my blog.

    I look forward to seeing more of your photos.

    1. Thanks Patrice! I do love sewing (and really any craft), although I don’t get a whole lot of extra time to do it with the kids. They do definitely keep you busy!

      Thanks for stopping in and commenting!

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