Photo of the day: #24 “Rocking chair”

Photo #24

I think I’m feeling a little reminiscent because my baby is turning 1 tomorrow, so I took a picture of our rocking chair.  I bought it when I bought the nursery furniture before Mackenzie was born, before I even knew if I was having a girl or boy.  I would just sit and rock in her room…looking at the wallpaper, admiring all the little clothes in the closet, picturing her in her crib.  Then she was born.  The rocking chair came in handy because she had to spend the first month or so of her life confined to her crib because of apnea monitors and oxygen tanks.  It was just easier to sit in there with her.  She slept through the night pretty quickly – around 8 weeks, but I remember her waking up at around 4am every morning.  I would go in there and feed her in the rocking chair and listen to whatever radio show was on at that hour in the morning.  As she got a little older, the chair got moved out into the living room and that’s where I spent most of those early days – feeding her and holding her while she slept.  After that we didn’t rock much anymore because I could lay her down in her crib and she would go right to sleep.

A few years later I was pregnant with Ethan and moved the chair back out into the living room, knowing that I would be sitting in it a lot.  I remember sitting in the chair with my shirt up, just watching Ethan kick while Mackenzie was sitting in her high chair, eating.  I don’t know why I specifically remember what she was eating…a sandwich with relish and mustard…yuck.  Maybe because it looked so nasty and her whole face was covered in mustard and pickles.  Anwyay, Ethan was born and I held him a lot because at the time I thought he was going to be my last child. 🙂  We rocked a lot in the beginning, but then he slept through the night easily too and I could also lay him down at night and he would go right to sleep.

I didn’t realize how much of a luxury that was.  I thought that was the norm.

Then came Cayden…ha!  I didn’t realize how different babies could be.  Or maybe it’s because I’m older and there was an almost 7 year age difference between my 2nd and 3rd.  I think it’s a combination of everything.

We had moved houses by this time and had 2 stories now.  I put the rocking chair in the living room downstairs before Cayden was born.  The day we brought her home we went straight to the rocking chair.  I think around 3 months was when I moved the rocking chair to her room (when I tried to start putting her in her own crib at night).  Cayden has not been the type of baby to just go to sleep on her own, so we have rocked in that chair every night.  It’s taken a while but now at least she will go right to sleep (with her head on my chest) as soon as I turn off her light and sit down in the chair.  I always say that I wished she would go to sleep on her own, but honestly I will miss rocking her to sleep when she is finally old enough to go to sleep on her own.  I can’t believe that she will be 1 tomorrow. 


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