Photo of the day: #28 “1st Birthday”

Here is one of my favorite pictures from today (Cayden’s birthday party):

Photo #28

We had Cayden’s birthday party today and had a great time with family. Everyone was feeling back to normal (thank goodness!) and everything went smoothly.

Cayden is 1!

We gave Cayden her own little cake to eat but at first she didn’t really know what to do with it.

Cayden with her cake

As soon as Mackenzie fed her a bite, she realized that she liked it.

Cayden tasting cake
Cayden eating cake

Then she wouldn’t stop cramming it in her mouth.  Then she wanted to rub it in her hair…and you can still tell that it’s in her hair even after a bath.

Cayden putting icing in her hair

I had to take away the cake so she wouldn’t make herself sick.  Then she (I) opened all her presents.

Cayden with her presents

I think she had a good day and enjoyed all the attention and new toys!


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