Photo of the day: #29 “Sexy”

Photo #29

I don’t think there is anything much sexier than a man who can cook.  My husband is making homemade blue cheese dressing in this picture, but he can make practically anything, from scratch, without a recipe, and it always tastes awesome.  I’m more of a baker, and I think I do okay at it, but cooking is just not my thing.  I like mixing things and then putting them in the oven.  I also have to measure every ingredient perfectly (which is important in baking, but not so much cooking), which is probably just because of the way I am (anal, perfectionist) – I can’t comprehend just throwing in ingredients until it tastes right and not knowing how much of something I put in there.  I know, I’m crazy…I also don’t really like to cook because anything I make pales in comparison to his cooking.  I’ve yet to make that one thing that he says “Wow!” to.  Until then, I’ll just stick with baking my meticulously-measured, homemade, hand-decorated cakes.  At least I know he doesn’t have the patience for those and can’t show me up!


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