Photo of the day: #35 “Chapstick”

Photo #35

My name is Ashley and I’m a ChapStickaholic. I realized this after watching an episode of Dr. Oz a couple of weeks ago. These were the questions he asked:

  1. Do you apply lip balm more than 3 times a day? Absolutely.
  2. Do you have more than 1 lip balm in your purse? Yes, I do. I think I have 3.
  3. Do you keep lip balm in multiple places? In my purse, in my pocket, on my nightstand, and at my desk at work.
  4. After a long, passionate kiss, is the first thing you think to yourself “I need more lip balm.”? Sadly, yes.

I learned from Dr. Oz that part of the problem is the Chapstick itself. It covers your lips so they don’t shed properly. He recommended using a lip balm with coconut oil so I’m trying that but I’m honestly not liking it so far. The Chapstick on my nightstand is almost out, so much so that you can’t roll it up anymore. I keep trying to get the last bit out and jam my lip down the tube. So you can imagine my disappointment when I get some clothes out of the dryer today and there sits the other tube of Chapstick that I had in my pocket. I opened the top, hoping that it stayed sealed (most of the time it does) but no such luck. Off to the store to buy some more Chapstick…


2 thoughts on “Photo of the day: #35 “Chapstick”

  1. Hi – I commented on your earlier post and someone just told me my comments are going into the spam folder (which seems to be a new wordpress problem) so thought I’d see if it had happened here too – mind you – this may become spam too…

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