Photo of the day: #41 “hospital bracelet”

Photo #41

I missed yesterday’s post…Cayden didn’t seem like she was feeling well and after she went to bed I went straight to the couch and fell asleep.  She kept pulling at her ear and was just whining a lot yesterday.  She’s never had an ear infection before so I wasn’t really sure that’s what it was.  She has felt warm, but the nurse at her 1 year checkup said that she could run a fever 7-10 days after she got her shots, which were on the 30th of January.  So I thought maybe that was it.  So, anyway, she woke up this morning and was pulling on her ear again and crying so I checked her temperature.  It was 100°.  Normally I wouldn’t even worry with that kind of fever, but ever since having her and the doctor telling us that if she ever came into the office with a fever she would have to be checked for a urinary tract infection, fevers scare the hell out of me.  This “checking” for a urinary tract infection would involve a putting in a catheter – not a very fun experience for anyone, much less a 1 year old.  This would be to prevent the whole ordeal we went through when she was a baby because she has kidney reflux.

I called her pediatrician and thank goodness they are open on Saturdays from 9-11am.  We get there at 9am and only have to wait about 5 minutes.  He checks her ears and they are all clear.  He said her lungs were clear with just a little bit of congestion.  Her throat is a little red but is negative for strep.  I ask him since she has a fever does she need to be checked for a urinary tract infection.  At first he was almost hesitant because he didn’t think her symptoms were from a bladder infection.  Then he came back in the room and told me I was right and he didn’t want 2 days to pass and it really be a UTI and she get worse.  I told him it would make me feel better to just make sure.  He tells me that we have to go over to the hospital to get the catheter procedure done.  It’s only a 5 minute drive but it’s my absolute least favorite hospital and they really had their star employees working today…

We walk into the lab and there is no one in there.  The sign says to have a seat and someone will be with you soon.  There is a bell to ring for service so I ring it but no one comes.   I wait 15 minutes.  A family with a newborn baby comes in the waiting area so we ring the bell again and a person comes right up.  The lady tells us both that we have to go down the hall to the imaging area to fill out the paperwork.  It turns out that you have to do this on Saturdays, but it would have been nice for there to have been a sign telling people that.  So we go and wait another 20 minutes in the imaging area just to check-in and get the fancy bracelet shown in the picture.  The bracelet that no one even looked at.  Then we go back to the lab.  Then a few minutes later a nurse finally opens the door to the waiting room…yay!…and says that we have to go up to the pediatrics floor.  So off we go to another area in the hospital and finally get the procedure done.  2 hours later we are finally on our way back home.  Now we’re just waiting on the (hopefully negative) results of the test.


2 thoughts on “Photo of the day: #41 “hospital bracelet”

  1. It is scary to have a fever on a little child, worse if we have to go to the E.R. for check -up and the frightening catheter. I see it everyday. I try as much as I can to make my patients and their family as comfortable and as relax as possible . Lots of kind gesture, information and quick service helps… a generous smile, even humor helps too…. Stay blessed. Hope she gets better soon.

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