Photo of the day: #42 “smile”

Photo #42

I was so glad to finally see this smile today.  This was the first real smile/laugh of the day, at around 4:00 this afternoon.  I’m still kind of puzzled about the fever earlier but I think Cayden’s big problem was that she just needed to have a big poop 🙂  Poor baby, she was so constipated.  All day I realized that she would scream out when she would try to poop.  Mackenzie finally got her to eat some prune baby food and then I read on the internet where they put their kid in a warm bath and massaged their belly to help them relax…in order to help get their “stuff” moving.  I didn’t massage her belly, but I did put her in a warm bath and it worked.  Ten minutes later it was too late…she had already pooped in the tub…yuck.  And then like magic, my sweet, smiling, happy Cayden was back!


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