Weekly Photo Challenge: Down


down / adverb

1. toward or in a lower physical position / 2. to a lying a sitting position / 3. toward or to the ground, floor, or bottom / 4. in a direction that is the opposite of up

We went to my nephew’s 2nd birthday party today at a new indoor “playhouse” with a a lot of those blow-up things that kids like to play on.  I was going to get up on the slide to get a view from the top to get the actual “down” view but I didn’t want to look like an idiot.   I was hoping that one of the pictures would turn out better, but all the ones were blurry of her in mid-air.

During the time the kids were playing, I noticed a woman (assuming she was a mom) sitting in a chair against a wall, reading a magazine, never looking up.  She wasn’t even in a spot where she could see much of the play area.  Then apparently my nephew and her daughter bumped heads at the end of the slide and I see her run over to grab her daughter and was told she fussed at the people around there for not watching her daughter.  As she was walking away, I noticed that she grabbed another boy’s arm and very sternly told him that he shouldn’t have been doing what he was doing.  He looked confused and I wondered for a second if that was even her child.  I kind of brushed it off, even though that kind of thing infuriates me.  So, a little later when I saw her storm out of the place with her daughter on her hip, I knew that other boy wasn’t her child.  I don’t know if she thought that other boy wasn’t paying attention and hit her daughter’s head or what.  They’re kids…they’re going to get hurt…and it was just an accident!  If she had put her hands on my child, I would have had a picture with a completely different version of the word “down”…



2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Down

  1. At times parents need to allow their kids to experience the bruises and bumps of life. Either that or keep them at home. You can be sure that there will be little accidents on play structures such as these.

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