Photo of the day: #58 “Cayden” (Scoliosis Post #5)

This is how Cayden sits in her carseat now:

Photo #58

Very ladylike, huh?!

On a sidenote – for family interested in Mackenzie’s appointment today:  She had an appointment with the place that made her brace.  They checked it and said that it still fit her fine.  When she has x-rays in 6 more months, they’ll see if they need to adjust it or make a new one then.  They said that the trick will be staying on top of the curve as she grows to try to keep it getting straighter – that it’s helping that she’s so thin and flexible.  I asked him if she has improved this much do they expect her to keep improving…he said he has never had a patient with a curve as severe as Mackenzie’s that has used this brace so he didn’t really have any cases to compare it against.  So we’re kind of just waiting and seeing what happens.

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