I think the real reason everyone looks forward to vacation is because it is a break from reality…you can relax, not worry about anything, and just enjoy doing whatever you want (or nothing at all).  Here are some things from my “reality” that I’m ready to exchange for a week, in no particular order:

1) My shoes.



I wear these tennis shoes almost every day.  I am lucky to be able to dress in jeans, t-shirts, and shoes like this at work but I really am tired of wearing them.  They are getting pretty old and I’m ready to leave them at home for a week.  Instead I get to wear these all week:


2) My car.


These wheels are how my car gets me where I need to go every day.  I am thankful I have a car, but I’m fine with not having to drive for a a week.  I also don’t have to worry about getting gas (which is one of my least favorite things to do) and I get to skip the moment of irritation when the pump does not print out my receipt (which seems to happen all the time lately).  This will be my mode of transportation for the next week:


3) My keys.


Looking at these keys reminds me that I really do need to go through them and take off the ones I don’t need, but I just keep putting it off.  I won’t have to worry about any house key, car key or anything next week so I get to leave these at home, too.  Instead, I will get a nifty little card that looks like this (it’s your room key/debit card combo):


4) My view most of the day.

view from my seat

Here is my view from my seat at work.  I’m tucked in a cozy little corner behind some file cabinets.  Fortunately I don’t have to see this view for 8 straight hours a day anymore, but there were many years where I saw this keyboard and monitors more than my family.  I am looking forward to sitting in a different chair with this kind of view instead:






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