Photo of the day: #66 “Southernmost Point”

This morning started early after a late night of packing and cleaning and getting everything ready to go. We kissed the kids goodbye; well 2 of the 3 kids – Cayden wasn’t awake yet 😦

We left the house around 7:20 and headed up to the airport. It was busier than I’ve ever seen it before. But thanks to my brother, who is a gold or diamond or whatever kid of gem member, we got to go ahead of everyone else in line!

Security was okay- nobody had to get searched or anything. Plane was on time; no issues boarding. I surprised myself and was very calm – no nervous butterflies in my stomach at all (I hate flying). I was just thinking this to myself when the pilot said the first 30 minutes or so would probably be rough because of the cold front from the line of storms in the South. As soon as we got in the air I realized what he was talking about. I haven’t flown much, but that was the roughest flight I’ve been on! So much for staying calm after that.

We got off the plane to 80 degree weather and picked up our rental car. Then drove an hour and a half to our hotel in Key Largo. Then we drove another 2 hours to Key West. We drove on the Seven Mile Bridge, saw Ernest Hemingway’s house, and went to the southernmost point on the continental US just in time for sunset. We ate at a really good restaurant in Key West – Stoned Cold Crabs. Then we drove 2 hours back to the hotel.

Now here we are, exhausted, getting ready to go to sleep. Tomorrow we’ll drive the rest of the way back up to the port and get on the boat 🙂



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