Cruise Day #2 – 3/5/12


Today we stopped at Nassau, Bahamas.  We had to be ashore on the pier for a snorkeling tour at 8:45am, so we hurried and ate breakfast and went down to level 2.  We realized that we didn’t have any beach towels (they usually give them to you right before you get off the boat) but we didn’t have time to go back up to the pool deck to get them so we figured we would have to do without.  We got off the boat just in time to find our meeting spot for the tour, but the tour guide told us that all the water tours had been cancelled because of the weather.  The water was too rough and it was just too windy.  It was actually pretty chilly if you were in the shade because of how windy it was.  We got back on the boat to change out of our bathing suits and went back out on the island.

Queen Elizabeth
Golden Odyssey

We walked through the straw market in Nassau and looked around.  It was funny seeing all the local people in coats and hats like it was freezing or something.  I guess they were not used to 60-70 degree weather.  We bought the kids some souvenirs and then headed back to the ship.  Prince Harry had been in Nassau the day before to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s 60 years on the throne and was scheduled to leave the morning that we were in Nassau.  As we were walking back to the ship, we saw this really nice yacht with security around it.  We heard people questioning the workers on the boat and they would just smile when people were asking if Prince Harry was staying on it.  We heard some people saying that the guards had told them that it was him that was staying on it.  We hung around for about an hour waiting to see if we could see anyone but the yacht was still there even when we left the Bahamas.  I don’t even know if he was really on there or not.


While we standing outside of the yacht, there was a bagpipe player on our ship that came to the end of the ship and started playing a song.  We thought this was some kind of salute to the Prince or something but it turned out that this bagpipe player played different songs throughout the week on the boat and it was actually kind of annoying.  A bagpipe player just walking through crowds of people playing songs…those things aren’t exactly quiet, relaxing music.


After getting back on the boat we ate some lunch and then went to watch some people do the Flowrider.  It’s a constant wave that you can surf on.  It’s really funny watching some people try to do it.  Some people do really well, but those are far and few between.  We tried it on the last cruise, but didn’t want to embarrass ourselves this time.  Here is Michael wearing my jacket because it was so windy 🙂

Here is the pro surfing (the instructor).  Michael said he looked like Ringo Starr.


It was the first formal night of the cruise and we had reservations at one of the specialty restaurants, Samba Grill.  It was a Brazilian steakhouse and it was really good.  I think the boys liked it because of all the steak.

At 10:45pm we had a reservations to see the OceanAria water show in the Aqua Theater, but it was cancelled due to high winds.  There were acrobats and people doing high dives so they decided to postpone it until later in the week.


One thought on “Cruise Day #2 – 3/5/12

  1. I live in The Bahamas, and even *I* find it HILARIOUS when people put on jackets. You should see everyone in December. Puffy jackets with fur, and even boots. Silly, silly people. Lol.

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