Cruise Day #3 – 3/6/12

Today was our first day at sea.  It was a lazy day…we hung out by the pool some and went to get lunch to bring back to the pool.  The wind was blowing food off the plate and blowing hair so hard in your face that it was impossible to eat without getting a mouthful of hair so we moved to another part of the ship.  I actually finished a book for the first time in years and took a nap.

We went back a little early to get ready because we were going to try to see the OceanAria show that was cancelled earlier in the week and rescheduled for tonight before dinner.  We waited a little too long to get ready and ended up having to stand in the back (which is the reason for the not so good pictures) but the show itself and the performers did an awesome job.

Water Show
Water Show
Water show
Water Show
Some pretty strong guys!

Later that night, for the first time since I’ve known him, my husband went out dancing with me.  Perfect end to the day. 🙂


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