Cruise Day #4 – 3/7/12

Today our stop was in St. Thomas.  I hadn’t been to St. Thomas since high school so I had forgotten what it was like.  We were supposed to be in port at 9:00 am but because of the high winds the boat wasn’t able to dock until after 10:00am.  They told us later that we were almost not able to even stop there because of the weather.

Waiting to get off in St. Thomas

Finally we were able to get off the boat and we did a lot of shopping.  On the boat the day before we were able to get free coupon books for all these different jewelry stores, so we went around and got our free jewelry charms and stuff.  The Caribbean is supposed to be THE place to buy diamonds and jewelry, so there are tons of jewelry stores.  I actually got a ring for me 🙂

As we were walking through an alleyway  I saw this lizard peeking out from behind the wood inside a door.  It looked like he was peering out to see if it was okay to come out.


And these things were on the rocks everywhere right near the boats at the port:

Some kind of lizard?

When we got back on the boat we wanted to try the zip line.  From what we read and saw before we got on the ship, we thought it would have been longer but it was pretty short.  Here are pictures of each of us doing it:

Ashley on zip line
Michael on zip line

Here we are at dinner:

Us at dinner

Here is the towel animal that our stateroom guy folded for us:

Towel elephant

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