Cruise Day #5 – 3/8/12

Today was our last stop…St. Maarten.

Allure of The Seas

We love going to St. Maarten…mainly because we get to go to the beach that is right at the end of a runway.  It’s Maho Beach and it’s at the end of a runway at Princess Juliana International Airport.  I’ve never been fascinated with planes as much as my brother and dad are, but I love, love going to this place.  The planes land right above you.  When they take off, the wind is so strong against that beach that you pretty much have to hold onto something or move out of the way.  It’s really cool when you’re standing right under a plane as it lands!

Big plane!

Here is a video of the plane above – please try to ignore the camera sideways the first part of the video.  I started with the phone and then handed it to my husband who turned it so the video turns halfway through.

While waiting on this big plane to land, we wanted to swim in the water.  We walked over to a spot on the beach to put our stuff down and the beach is a pretty steep hill up from the water.  You can’t really tell in the picture, but it is a pretty good hill.  The water was so rough and the waves were so strong that each wave would go all the way from where the water is in that picture up to the top of the hill (where the footprints start).  The waves in that ocean were surfing waves.  I had to time it right and try to run/jump as fast as I could into the ocean to get past the big waves.  The ocean floor dropped off pretty quickly and we couldn’t touch the ground the whole time we were swimming.  After a while I was getting tired and realized that I didn’t put sunscreen on my face.  I told Michael I would be back after putting on some sunscreen.  I started to swim towards the shore but it seemed to take forever because with each wave, the current wanted to take you back out.  I eventually got to where I almost rode a wave in and when I tried to stand up, it pulled me back down.  I fell down and then a wave crashed down on top of me.  I had a bathing suit on where I was already about to fall spill out the top of, so I had one hand on my chest and one hand on my sunglasses, holding them to my head.  I could feel myself rolling into someone else who was walking, but I didn’t open my eyes because I didn’t have a free hand to wipe the salt water away from them.  So I just rolled around looking like an idiot.  Then as I tried to hurry and pull down my bathing suit top that was now showing my stretch-mark filled, home to 3 kids belly and pull up my top to cover my boobs, another wave came and took me under.  At this point, my left butt cheek was getting scratched up and my bathing suit (along with every orifice in me) was full of sand.  I decided the hell with it and just stood up the best I could, knowing the most unpleasant parts of my body weren’t adequately covered.  I tried to run up the beach and finally made it out of that ocean.  I was covered in sand but there was no way I was going back in there to try to wash off.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the boat and take a shower!  It took a long time to get all that sand off!

After dinner we went to play putt-putt…and I won 🙂


We played, or tried to play, some ping pong and then went and watched some teenagers play basketball, which was pretty comical.  Then we called it a night!


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