Photo of the day: #74 “Tub”

I was just not going to post anything tonight because my brain is having a hard time getting adjusted back to reality and I’ve just been lazy. And I also feel like crap. But I can’t quit doing my photo of the day already. This would’ve been two days in a row without a post and my mom would’ve worried something was wrong 🙂

This is one of my favorite spots in my house…I couldn’t wait to get in the tub after the kids went to bed. My next stop is the bed so I was quickly running out of places to take a picture. A couple weeks ago I had a cold that never really went away but seemed to be better last week on our cruise. But today my chest hurts with every breath, I’m starting to cough up stuff, I’ve got a fever, and I just hurt. I never really cough when I get a cold and I rarely get fevers, so I think a doctors visit is in order if this keeps up. I hope it’s not the flu but it came on so quickly tonight that I’m worried that’s what it is.

So enough whining about me…I hope everyone else has a fantastic evening!



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