Photo of the Day: #80 “Spring Sunrise”

Photo #80

Happy 1st day of Spring!  As I was driving to work today, the sky and the sun were beautiful – much more beautiful than it looks in this picture.  I should know to take my camera with me everywhere by now, but all I had was my phone and I had to take it through my windshield.

Today was also my first day back to work since I’ve been sick and it was nice to get out of the house.  I was about to go crazy after sitting/laying in the the same spot for 5 days straight!  Even if it was to go to work.  It wasn’t too bad…I only had to go for a few hours.  After lunch (yes, I still took a lunch after only working a few hours today) we went over to SAS Cupcakes and I got one of their Triple Chocolate cupcakes.  If you are in this area, you need to go try one if you haven’t already.  I’m really picky about cake and icing, but these are very tasty.  And they have $2 Tuesdays, which is now when I plan my trips there so I don’t have to pay full price.  I think one of their cupcakes were featured on The Food Network, or at least that’s what the cashier told us.

Today was just a day of firsts…it was also the first time I have ever put Cayden down in her crib awake.  It was at naptime and she whined for about 10 minutes, but she did eventually go to sleep.  This is a huge accomplishment for us!!!  Now a few more nap times like this and then I’ll start doing bedtime like that and then hopefully she can start going to sleep on her own.  That would be awesome.


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