How did you find my blog by searching for that?

I’ve seen some other bloggers write a post about the search terms that their blog visitors have used that brought them to their blog.  And I don’t have a picture for today…Wordpress keeps track of those search terms and it’s been pretty comical to see what all people search for and how they find my blog searching for that stuff.  With some things, I have no idea how they even found my blog in all of cyberspace with such general search terms, but here are the ones that caught my eye the most:

“Providence Brace” – This one wasn’t funny but it was the one with the most hits at around 140.  It and others similar to scoliosis and braces are definitely the most searched for term(s) that lead people to my blog.

“Girls in bathing suits” and “Girls in tub” – 7 views to my blog from these search terms.  These just sound kind of creepy to me or like they were looking for some hot girls in bathing suits or in the tub, neither of which are found in my blog.

“Something wrong with my wrist” – 2 views to my blog from this search term.  I do have a few posts on my blog about my wrist; I just think it’s funny to search for something so general like that and actually find my blog.  They had to have gone through a lot of search pages to finally get to my blog.

“Hand down my shirt” – 1 view to my blog from this search term.  Who searches for something like this?  I do know where this phrase is on my blog – it’s a caption on one of my pictures where Cayden has her hand down the front of my shirt.  Reference this post (picture is towards the bottom).

“Silicone adult pacifier” – Again, who searches for something like this?  At least there was only 1 view from it.  I would hope there aren’t a lot of adults out there looking for pacifiers, much less being so picky that they have to be silicone!

“Something stinks” – Another one where I just had to laugh as to why someone would search the internet for this?  This is also part of a caption on a photo; it’s actually on the same photo where Cayden is sticking her hand down my shirt.

“Dude scoliosis brace” – I just thought this one was funny.  Why does it matter if you’re a dude or a girl?  If you have scoliosis bad enough to need a brace, they will make it to fit your body.  I think he would’ve gotten more information if he would’ve searched with the term that the medical field uses instead of “dude”.


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