Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

un•usu•al / adjective / un•usu•al•ly / un•usu•al•ness

1. not usual / 2. uncommon / 3. rare

I was having a hard time this week trying to think of something “unusual” to take a picture of. Then I woke up in the wee hours of the morning with a severe burning pain on my arm and realized I had my idea for my picture…

A few minutes (or however long it takes to have a dream) before I woke up I was having this dream where Michael and I were arguing. And I mean really going at it and then to the point of getting physical. He was making fun of me and was being an asshole and just kept being a pest. Then he pinched me really hard! I got furious and was somehow able to get ahold of his arm. I grabbed it, got a chunk of skin between my teeth and bit down as hard as I could.

That’s when I woke up to the piercing pain in MY arm – I was biting into my own arm, not the arm of my husband’s arm in my dream. And the picture was taken about 5 hours after the dream and you can still see the mark, so it was a pretty decent bite!

I think that qualifies as unusual.



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