Photo(s) of the day: #87 “Beach”

This past weekend we took a short trip to the beach.  We didn’t leave on Friday until 7:30pm because I went to the funeral of one of my great aunt’s brothers earlier that day.  Another innocent man’s life claimed by a drunk driver – a 77 year old grandmother at that who should very well have known better than to drink and drive.  Why do bad things keep happening to all the good people?  I’m tired of going to funerals where if the person at fault wouldn’t have been so f***ing stupid then a tragedy wouldn’t have had to happen and people wouldn’t have to be killed.  Enough of that…

It was okay that we left late because Cayden eventually fell asleep about an hour into the drive and slept (almost) until we got there.  Then she woke up and stayed up until I don’t even know when – my parents let me go to bed and took her to bed with them. 🙂

We didn’t do much; just hung around the house.  We went out and walked on the beach in the morning.  Cayden loved it!  She would just wave at everyone that walked by and then tried to follow them!  Then she tried to eat some sand.

Cayden on stairs
Ethan and Cayden

I loved the way the clouds looked while driving home, so here was my attempt at taking a picture while driving:


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