Photo of the day: #91

Photo #91

Today was a big day for us – I was finally able to put Cayden down in her crib awake for nap time and bedtime and she went to sleep on her own.  It only took 14 months!  She cried for maybe 30 seconds at nap time and about 3 minutes at bedtime, but then she went to sleep.  I was so excited!  Mackenzie and Ethan both went to sleep on their own from the very beginning so I thought that was just the way it was.  But then Cayden came along and needed to be rocked to sleep and could only be laid down when she was really out.  I knew I would have to start trying to get her to go to sleep on her own and I knew the longer I waited the harder it would be.  So about a week ago I started laying her down awake at nap time and I was surprised to see she would only cry for a little bit and then go to sleep.  So we tried it out tonight and it worked!


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