Photo of the day: #93 “April 2”

Photo #93

It’s interesting to me what your mind chooses to remember and what it forgets.  Today I drove back to where I witnessed a motorcycle accident.  It’s been 13 years to the day and I thought it was time to go back there.  As I was driving down the road getting closer, I would drive up and down a hill and my stomach would turn flips.  That’s one thing I remember – is driving up a hill and then at the top of the hill is where the accident happened.  All the houses are set far off the road down long driveways but I remembered there being this one house really close to the road beside a house with a large yard and fence.  That’s the view that I remember seeing while we were there.  I had to look up the lady’s address that hit them to make sure I was in the right spot and it turned out her address was “6660 …..” which kind of creeped me out a little (the 1st 3 digits).  I don’t remember exactly where it happened, or where I stood – I thought going back there would make me recall more, but it didn’t.  I only remember certain things; probably the most intense, adrenaline pumping things – seeing the car hit the motorcycle, hearing that awful sound, calling 911, seeing a devastated old woman realize that she had just caused a horrible accident, seeing them laying on the road next to each other and hearing him try to comfort her and tell her it was going to be okay, seeing his leg open to the bone, and seeing Jeny.  Only Jeny was not there anymore; just a body with no life.  It’s so indescribably shocking to witness that – it’s something that I hate thinking about but I could talk for hours about.  There’s not many people that I know that can relate to me on that subject.  It’s not the same as seeing someone dead at a funeral viewing – it’s just something that you’re not supposed to see.  It’s just not normal to watch someone die.  For them to look completely normal but to know they’re never going to wake up.  It’s breathtakingly sad.

The hill

It does make me feel good to know that I have at least made her family feel better for being there with Jeny after the accident.  As soon as I heard the line in this song I thought of Jeny:

“Who would have thought forever could be severed by the sharp knife of a short life” ~ The Band Perry

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