Photo of the day: #101 “Safety pin”

Photo #101

I’m still a day behind on my posts – photo 101 is actually supposed to be for 4/10/12.  I doubt anyone is counting, but I just felt like I should clarify 🙂

I don’t have a photo from yesterday, so I thought I would look up something interesting that happened in history on a previous April 10th.  I bet you didn’t know that on April 10, 1849, Walter Hunt was issued a U.S. patent for his invention of the safety pin.  He needed to pay back a $15 debt to a friend and thought he would invent something new as a way to pay him back.  He sold the patent for $400 back then, which would be about equivalent to around $10,000 a few years ago.

So there’s some random trivia for you.  It would be awesome to be able to invent something like that and make lots of money off of it.


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