Photo of the day: #122 “Zucchini Blossoms”

I’m really getting into this gardening thing.  I love the days that I’m home early and Cayden is taking her nap and I can just go outside and work in the garden.  I was out there today and took some pictures.  Here is a view from under the zucchini plant.  You can see the biggest zucchini growing on the bottom where the blossom/flower is.

Photo #122

I went inside and googled zucchini plants because I wanted to see how long it took to grow the vegetables.  I learned that there are male and female zucchini blossoms – the male ones are on a thin stem and do not produce any food and the female ones are at the end of the actual zucchini (like in the picture above).  Then I found out that the flowers are edible and that there were all these rave reviews about how tasty they were when battered and fried.  So I got the grand idea to make me some.

Here is a male blossom (left) and female (right).

Zucchini blossoms

I got a total of four blossoms that looked like they were ready to be picked.


I washed them off…

Clean blossoms!

After washing them and cutting off the stems, there is a little piece inside that looks like a mushroom.  Mackenzie thought they looked funny and took a picture.  They do look like little mushrooms or little brains…

Fun with zucchini blossoms
Getting ready to go into the batter

I found a simple recipe for the batter:

But it didn’t mention adding any liquid so I just added milk.  I have no idea how much, and it probably wasn’t enough because the batter was very thick.

I am NO good at frying anything – I always seem to burn it or not turn it up high enough.  But I was going to give it a try.  I poured my oil in the pan and turned the burner on high, just like the instructions said.  I waited for it to heat up and then dipped the first blossom in batter.  I put it in the frying pan and within seconds it was already turning black.  There was so much oil splattering everywhere that I knew this just wasn’t going to turn out well.  I finished dipping the rest of the blossoms in the batter and put them in the oil.  I managed to turn them all over without getting severely burnt and then took them out of the pan.  Here is what they looked like:

You can't even tell what those are, can you?

Looks tasty, doesn’t it??!  The kids were going to try it but took one look and ran out of the kitchen.  They were supposed to look like this:

A picture of someone's blossom who knows how to fry correctly

I cut one open and took a look:

Inside the fried zucchini blossom

After peeling away the burnt covering, everything else was actually very tasty.  The batter was very good, even though there was a little too much…it was almost like a biscuit.  Even Mackenzie came back and tried some.  I’ll definitely be trying these again when I get some more blossoms 🙂

1 thought on “Photo of the day: #122 “Zucchini Blossoms”

  1. Good photos and nice info! Appreciate it, i’m hoping to get some squash this summer and your information will help out. 🙂

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