Photo of the day: #124 “Teeth”

Cayden has had just 4 teeth for a long time.  Two in the middle on top and two in the middle on the bottom.  I remember Mackenzie and Ethan getting teeth early and then more soon after that, but Cayden didn’t get any teeth until she was almost a year old and just now at 15 months has 3 more coming in at the same time.  She has been moodier than normal the past few days and I just realized that may be the reason why.  One tooth is on the bottom in the front, and the other two are in the back left (top and bottom).  I thought she would have more teeth in the front before getting those in the back.  But, oh well, at least she’ll finally be able to chew her food with real teeth instead of just 4 front teeth 🙂  Although, it doesn’t seem like she has any problems eating, weighing in at 25 lbs at her 15 month check-up a few days ago.

Out of 54 pictures taken tonight just at bathtime, here is the only where I could get her to point to her teeth for me.  Thank goodness I don’t have to get film developed anymore!

Photo #124
My little love

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