Photo of the day: #133

My oldest daughter was taking some pictures with my camera today while I was cutting up some strawberries.  She was trying to find something to take a picture of when all of a sudden her face lit up, she got all excited, and said “I know what I can take a picture of!”  I asked her what she found and all she would say was, “Wait, I’ll show you”.  I thought she had found something that looked really cool, so I waited while she ran around the kitchen.  She grabbed a drinking glass and filled it with water.  Then she put 3 strawberries in the glass.  And then she took a picture of it.  This was not my idea of an awesome picture, but it was pretty entertaining to see how awesome she thought it was.  That child has imagination!

And then, after I looked at the pictures she took on my computer, this one looks like the water glass is just floating in the air.  So, I guess it was a pretty cool picture after all 🙂

Photo #133

2 thoughts on “Photo of the day: #133

  1. It DOES look like it’s floating – yay for your daughter – oh and happy mothers day (not sure when mothers day is in the US, but its mothers day today in Germany) 🙂

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