Photo of the day: #134 “Snake”

Photo #134

My husband was working in the front yard this morning, moving away the pine needles to put some landscaping fabric underneath them.  I guess when he moved the pine needles he found this snake.  The place where the snake was found was only a few feet away from the front of the house…yuck…it makes me shudder with chills.  He tried to kill it and then threw it into the driveway; I guess he thought we would want to take a look at it!  The reason I said “tried to kill” was because he was working in the yard around 2:00pm and when I took the picture around 4:00pm the snake was still moving.  And then when we got home around 8:30pm tonight the snake was still moving, trying to get away.  I don’t know much about snakes – I don’t know if they’re like earthworms and can regenerate so I panicked and got the shovel out and really chopped the head off.  Even though I know there are other snakes out there, I just wanted to make sure that this one would not survive.  Plus, I wanted to just put it out of its misery – it had been struggling there in the same spot for hours.  Poor snake 😦


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