No photo today.  Instead, I was looking on a website today of strange, useless facts.  I saw one fact that said the average person speaks for only 10 minutes per day.  That would probably be true for me if I didn’t have kids…in fact, I’m sure it would be much less than that.  But I do have kids…3 of them…and they do things all the time that force me to talk and say things like “stop” and “quit” over and over and over again.  I’ve always wanted to write down how many times I say the word “stop” in an hour just so I can look back when they are older and remember what it used to be like 🙂

So, after I thought of this, I started at exactly 5:18 and just wrote down what I had to say to each of the kids.  This is only in a 10-minute time span because Ethan caught on to what I was doing and I couldn’t keep up typing with the amount of questions he was asking me after that…and then he got mad that I was even talking about him in my blog…so I only got 10 minutes worth of stuff:

5:18 – “Mackenzie, stop”.  Cayden was holding a tennis racquet, looking through the strings of it.  For some reason, Mackenzie thought it would be a good idea to push the racquet into her face until I told her to stop.

5:21 – “Mackenzie, stop talking so loud.”  She was just yelling out various noises to Cayden.

5:21 – Ethan – “Mom, can I have toast?” Me – “Yes, hang on a minute.”

5:22 – “Stop standing on the couch, Cayden”.

5:23 – “Ethan, stop fighting with Cayden over the stuffed animal.”

5:25 – “Ethan, quit saying the word “butt””.

5:26 – “Cayden, go put Ethan’s shoes back at the door”.  I don’t know why she has an obsession with just Ethan’s shoes.  At least a few times a day she will go get Ethan’s shoes and bring them to him.

5:26 – Ethan asks again, “Mom, can I have toast now?”

5:27 – “Cayden, go put the other pair of Ethan’s flip-flops back at the door.”

5:28 – Ethan asks for the 3rd time “Can I have toast now?”  He probably asked 3 more times after this before I got a chance to make him some toast.  He is the most impatient kid I know.

Just thought this might be entertaining to some of you.  Hopefully this won’t scare any of the many first-time moms that I know that are pregnant right now 🙂


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