Photo of the day: #136 “2nd attempt at frying”

Our zucchini plants have a lot of blossoms on them, so I picked some to try to fry them again.  I was determined to get it right this time and not burn them.  With some expert help (my husband) I got the temperature of the oil right and the batter not-so-thick.  Everything went smoothly after that and they turned out perfectly!  The only bad thing was that since I cooked them correctly this time, I could actually taste the zucchini blossom.  And they tasted like okra…which is great if you like okra.  But I don’t.  So we won’t be making anymore zucchini blossoms.

Photo #136
Looks good, doesn’t it?!

Since we already had the oil out and hot, we fried up some squash and zucchini.  Yummy.  And then we fried an Oreo.  That’s what we Southerners do…we fry everything.  I get to go to the Nascar All-Star Race this weekend and they always sell the fried Oreos up there.  So, I thought we’d try it at home!


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