Photo of the day: #140 “Race”

I know; I’m a little behind on my posts.  This past weekend was a kid-free weekend for us, which was awesome by the way.  Which meant I had a chance to go to the NASCAR All-Star Race with some of my favorite men – my dad and my brother.  I got up Saturday morning and pulled weeds in the garden for 5 straight hours and then got ready for the race.  The weather was awesome – clear, sunny, and breezy.  It was the first All-Star race I’ve been too and I really enjoyed it.  It wasn’t a long race plus the race was broken into segments so it seemed to go by pretty quickly.  Looking forward to going next year 🙂

The view from our seats:

Photo #140

Short video of the first of the last 10 laps of the race…love this sound…(sorry, the quality is not good when I tried to zoom in)


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