Photo of the day “Sewn Stash Baskets”

While I was looking through the Pinterest website the other week, I saw a tutorial for some sewn baskets that I wanted to make.  I could spend (and have spent) hours on  It’s so addicting.  I feel like like a kid in a candy store that doesn’t know which candy to choose…there are so many crafts and ideas on there that get my brain spinning.  Then I try to start all these different projects and then never finish them and then get irritated because I’ve overwhelmed myself with things I didn’t have time to do in the first place.  Anyway, here is the tutorial that I found (and the rest of the website is awesome, too):

Here are how mine have turned out:

My sewn stash baskets!

I love them!  I’ve already made some to hold all my lotion bottles in my bathroom, these hold some of my yarn, Cayden has some to match her room, and Ethan now has 1 for his room.  They hold a lot of stuff and super easy to make – they took all of about 10 minutes to make.  That’s my kind of project!


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