Photo of the day “Growing up”

Where in the world have the last 11 years gone?  Who is this child that comes up to my chin now?  I remember when she was the age that Cayden is now.  So talkative, smart, beautiful.  Just like she is now.  She wanted me to curl her hair this morning for her graduation, so I did.  When we took the curlers out and fixed her hair, she just took my breath away for a second she was so beautiful and grown-up looking.  It was that moment where something chokes you up and you don’t want to say anything or you’ll burst into tears.  But I didn’t want want to seem like the over-emotional mom so I held it in and brushed it off. 🙂

She did great during the ceremony and is now officially a 6th grader.  Wow.  There’s so much I could write that I’m worried about when in comes to middle school, but I won’t start to go into that now.  I just hope she has a good few years in middle school and that they aren’t too tough on us all!


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