Photo of the day “My son”

Ethan Scott

My son turned 8 today.  Well, to him, he would still tell you that he’s not 8 yet…not until exactly 10:49pm.  It’s only fair that I tell his birth story to since I’ve already posted Mackenzie’s and Cayden’s stories on their birthdays.  And even though he doesn’t read this blog, I just have to do it to be fair.  Because he is all about everything being fair.

June 13th, 2004 was my due date and my doctor had already scheduled my c-section for Monday, June 7th if I didn’t go into labor on my own before then.  Since I had a c-section with my first child, he was not a fan of me trying for a vaginal birth.  I had not done my research much back then so even though I was a little disappointed, I agreed and didn’t try to fight for what I really wanted.  Also at 35 weeks pregnant…BEWARE, some disgusting stuff is about to be mentioned…I had a thrombosed hemorrhoid.  There, I said it!  It was one of the most painful things I had ever experienced in my life, only 2nd to my cluster headaches.  Anyway, after having that 4 weeks before, I was still not completely recovered from it and was scared to death to push a baby out down there the natural way.  Little did I know the exact same thing would happen to me with my 3rd child, only 5 days before I had her, and I did push her out with no problem (so if any of you out there reading this have had that issue and are terrified…you CAN do it and you will NOT die!).

So when I went into labor the morning of June 6th, I was pretty worried.  My labor started out very different from Mackenzie.  With her, it started strong and stayed the same until the end.  With Ethan, I wasn’t even sure if I was in labor.  I just knew the contractions were a little more painful.  Throughout the day they got more painful, but nothing too bad.  By early evening, my parents were supposed to come by my house and pick up Mackenzie so that she could stay at their house that night.  I think soon after I talked to them on the phone, they mentioned that they were on their way.  It was like all of a sudden my contractions got pretty painful.  I packed up Mackenzie’s stuff (and my stuff) and I remember sitting in the driveway with her just waiting on my parents.  I don’t know why I sat in the driveway – I probably would have been more comfortable inside…I think I was just so ready to go.  I think they finally got there near dark and I told them that I needed to go to the hospital!  So, the plans changed and they took me and Michael met us there.

My doctor was already at the hospital that night and met us as we came in.  He said since I was already in labor and he was there that he would go ahead and do the c-section that night.  Having been scared from my “issue” down there, I agreed.  He had told me before that if I came into the hospital in labor that he would give me a chance to try to go natural, but I don’t think that was ever his intent.  Anyway, that’s a whole different story.  So they got me in a room, got my IV hooked up, and we waited.  It was such a different experience than Mackenzie.  With Mackenzie everyone was rushing around because it was an emergency c-section, I was terrified, Michael was scared, I was in so much pain…but this time (even though I was scared to death because of what we went through with Mackenzie) everything was so laid back and calm.  We went into the OR, I got prepped, I knew what to expect, Michael came in, and Ethan came out!  And he came out with red hair!  That was the first thing I said, “Does he have red hair?” 🙂

And to this day, he still hates it when old ladies come up to him and talk about how lovely his red hair is!

He was a healthy baby and it was so awesome to be able to take him home with me when I was discharged.  I didn’t get that with Mackenzie.  Or really with Cayden either.  He was such a sweet, laid back, and calm baby.  He didn’t even open his eyes for a few days after he was born.  He never cried and was so quiet.

Now he is not so quiet 🙂


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