Photo of the day “Cake”

Today we had Ethan’s birthday party.  He has really been into this game called Minecraft that he plays on his iPod.  The whole game “world” is built out of cubes, so when I asked him what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday, he said he wanted a Minecraft cake.  I Googled it for some suggestions (like I do every year when the kids tell me what kind of birthday cake they want) and we found one that looked just like the game:

Professional Minecraft cake

So, I went to the store yesterday and bought some fondant and planned on cutting out squares and painting over them.  It was a great plan in my head, but didn’t turn out anywhere near as well as I hoped.  I had never worked with fondant before…it has always intimidated me.  And, as you can see from the picture above, that this cake is ALL fondant.  And tiny little detailed, perfectly cut, painted squares.  I cheated and bought the already-made fondant from the store and it was actually really easy to work with.  I probably should have put a whole layer of fondant over the cake and then put the squares on top of that, but I didn’t.  I also should have taken the time to make sure each square was cut from the same little square cutter, but I didn’t.  I also should have dyed my fondant and then cut out squares, but guess what…I didn’t do that either!  Here is what I did do:

My Minecraft cake

At least it tasted good!  And I think Ethan thought it was cool, so that’s all that matters.  He liked his gifts too…lots of gift cards and games that he likes to play.  I’m sure he will ask me at least 30 times tomorrow when we are going to return the gifts he already had so that he can pick out different ones.  🙂

Ethan is 8!
Ethan opening presents



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