Photo of the day “Krispy Kreme”

This week a Krispy Kreme opened up a few minutes from our house…not a good thing. Well, it’s a good thing for my mouth but not for my body. I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts and until now could only get them when we went to the beach. But now I can have them anytime I want! We went and there was a long line through the drive-through so we went inside. There was a line inside, too, and almost all the tables were full. The doughnuts were so good…warm and practically melted in your mouth. The kids enjoyed looking through the glass windows into the kitchen where the doughnuts are made.

Cayden actually wore her hat for a few seconds

Ethan wouldn’t put on a hat so I could take a picture…

Cayden loves doughnuts

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