Photo of the day “Bottles”

A few important things happened today!  It’s the first day of summer!  That’s not really important to me…summer is actually not one of my favorite seasons.  But, I guess I better get used to the heat and humidity that is awesome to live with in the South.  As the sun was setting, I did run and get my camera because the clouds looked awesome.  It was like the sky was split in half with the the sun on one side and then shade from the clouds on the other side.


But the more important thing that happened is that Cayden said her first real word (other than “Mama” or “Dada”)!  I was playing a game on my iPad and someone’s profile picture was showing a picture of their baby.  She pointed at the baby and said “baby” just like she had been saying it forever!  She has been babbling sounds that you can’t understand, but this was very obvious what she was saying!  I got so excited!  When Mackenzie was this age, she was already saying quite a few words, but Ethan didn’t say anything other than “ball” until he was 2 1/2.  So Cayden is kind of right in between them.

She loves her pacifiers!

Then the other great thing that happened is that she did not have a bottle for me today!  I think Michael gave her one this morning, but the night bottle is what I was worried about her not wanting to give up.  But I put her night bottle milk in a sippy cup…even cold…and she drank it fine.  Yes!  No more bottles!  Ever!  One more thing I can check off my list that I can throw away for good and not just store for the next kid, because there won’t be a “next” kid.  It’s kind of sad to think about, but that feeling goes away after a few seconds 🙂  Now I can get a little more cabinet space and get rid of the bottle drying rack on the counter 🙂


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