another 50 Shades of Grey blog post

I’m not a hugely religious person.  I don’t go to church.  I have my own beliefs about what I believe, and I know that I am a good person with good morals.  What my husband and I do behind closed doors is our business and no one else’s.  This is why I get so irritated when I read about people blogging about “50 Shades of Grey” and saying that I should NOT read the books!  They’re trying to make me feel like I’m a horrible person if I read them…it’s as if they are trying to make themselves sound like a better person because they refuse to read the books.  Why does it matter to these people who don’t even know me what I choose to read?  It doesn’t affect anyone except my husband and I and if we are both okay with it, then why does it matter to anyone else?

I rarely get upset about something enough to blog about it.  But this just really bothered me.  I made sure I finished all 3 books in the series just so I would know what I’m talking about before I blogged about it (I finished the last book this afternoon).  Yes, the books have some very “detailed” scenes that were definitely page turners, but the more I got into the storyline I was even skipping through some of the “scenes” to get back to the storyline.
Some of the blogs that I’ve read are by people who haven’t even read the books and make Christian Grey out to be some horrible guy who abuses and degrades women.  But throughout the books, if I remember correctly, everything he did was consentual with whomever he was with.  I am in no way an expert or know much at all about BDSM stuff, but I thought that each party knew what they were getting into…so then it’s not considered “abuse” or “downgrading women”.  Then it’s just a personal choice and nobody’s business!

What I got out of the storyline (and enjoyed the most) was a man who learned how to love and trust people after meeting the love of his life.  I’m a hopeless romantic so I enjoyed reading all the romantic things that were done and said.  So, my vote is go and buy the books!!! (and if you buy the real book version and not the iPad version, make sure to buy 1 & 2 together – you will not want to be stuck after the bookstore closes after just finishing the 1st book)



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