Photo of the day “Homemade wipes”

I was on Pinterest the other day…actually I’m on there every day, but that’s beside the point 🙂  I found another blog where a mom makes her own baby wipes.  I thought I would give it a try, even though my pessimistic husband told me they weren’t going to work (which motivated me even more to do it).

I used the Bounty paper towels that we had but I didn’t like the way they turned out.  Maybe the roll I had at home wasn’t the bigger size because I had way too much liquid for the wipes.  They smelled good, though!  So, I read through some comments by other people and I saw where other people used Viva paper towels.  So, I bought some of them today and tried it again tonight.  Worked much, much better!  They are awesome!  They are so soft and don’t tear apart.  I even changed a dirty diaper tonight and it worked perfectly.


Once you take the cardboard roll out of the inside, the paper towels just come up through the middle and easily tear apart at the seams.


And you can buy whatever scent baby soap you like the best so it will smell the way you like.

And, since I’m a math nerd, I calculated what the cost difference was to make these versus buying the store ones.

Huggies wipes came out to be $0.06 per wipe.

These wipes came out to be $0.0052 – almost just half a penny per wipe!

So, if I went to the store and bought the 64 count Huggies wipes at $3.99, that same amount of wipes made at home only cost me $0.33!  I don’t think I’ll ever buy wipes at the store again.  I just wish I would have done this 11 years ago – that would have saved me a lot of money, seeing that we go through wipes pretty quickly around here.


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