Once in a blue moon…

“Blue” moon

I finally put my tripod to use for the first time (thanks mom!) for this special occasion and I was very pleased with how my picture turned out!  Mackenzie got a telescope as one of her birthday presents last week, so we put it to use.  We had Ethan’s old telescope out there at the end of the driveway too.  To anyone who didn’t know us, we looked like we knew all about astronomy, but we couldn’t even find the moon to focus on it!  Some women doing their evening walk stopped and even asked us why the moon wasn’t blue!  Our neighbors came out and brought their telescope, but none of us really had any luck.  I found the moon for a few seconds, long enough for Michael and Mackenzie to look for a few seconds but then it had moved and we couldn’t find it again.  Oh well, at least it was clear enough to see it!

1 thought on “Once in a blue moon…

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