One of my daughter’s homework assignments tonight was to go on www.wordle.net and create a “word cloud”.  As soon as we went onto the website, I couldn’t wait for her to get done with her assignment so I could do one of my own!  It’s really cool.  You just click on “Create” from the main page and then type in your text.  Don’t use commas to separate the words and if you want a phrase to appear, put the tilde sign (the “~”) where the spaces would be.  For example, if I wanted the phrase “likes to run” to show up, I would type it like: likes~to~run.  Otherwise, it would put the words in different places if they are just separated by spaces.  Also, if you want a word to show up larger than the others, just type it more than once.  The more times you type a word, the larger it will be.  You can choose from a lot of different fonts and layouts.


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